Tiny Ten Seven

The date has been set to June 2nd 2018 at 1PM EDT.

It shall be broadcasted on twitch.tv/speedgaming2.

You can download the rom set over here.

If you want some splits already setup, get them here.

02. Motocross Maniacs

Motocross Maniacs
Clear all A courses [Solo]
- Split at the QUALIFIED screen after the last track.
Tips & Tricks: 

- Pressing up while going over jumps makes you go higher/further. You don't need a Nitro boost to clear every jump so you can use them when actually needed.

- Tutorial (albeit casual) available on the website. Click here!

04. Bomb Jack

Bomb Jack
Beat level 24 [Normal mode]
- Split when the title card for Level 25 shows up.
Tips & Tricks: 

- Get a feel for the controls. You can hover while descending by tapping A or drop down fast by holding down. Holding down A makes you jump higher.

07. Tetris

100 Lines
Check out the runs on: 
- Split when the counter reached 100.
Tips & Tricks: 

- Going for a Tetris is fine and all, but start building down if you go over the first half of the screen regardless. You don't want to get yourself stuck!